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Neumann KH120a Monitors

Shure KH940 Headphones

Focusrite Forte

Macbook Pro 2016

Rode NTK Large Diaphragm Condenser

Rode NT5 Matched Pair

Rode NTG2 Rifle Mic

Shure SM57

Shure MV88 

NI Komplete Kontrol S61 MKII

Korg Monologue

Ozone 9, Waves Platinum, East West CCC, NI Komplete 13 Ultimate + Many More

Kemper Profiler

Fender Deluxe Nashville Telecaster

Squire Classic Vibes '70s Jazz Bass



Pocket Saxaphone



Bamboo Flute

Various Shakers


It is easy to forget that every sound we hear is filled with a wealth of emotional information. Imagine hearing someone knocking on your door - perhaps you recognise the familiar rhythmic pattern, the person behind the door appears in your mind along with a smile on your face, well before you even had to think about it. Now think of 3 loud slams on the front door, followed by an awkward silence. Any idea who might be there? Do you even want to find out?

I strive to create music and sounds that support the conceptual and emotional pillars of the VideoGame|Advert|Film|Media it was intended for. 

Hi, i'm Greg and I am obsessed with all things audio. I live in Bern, Switzerland and I would love to provide audio for your next project

The last 9 or so years have been focused on music composition and sound design for video games and visual media. Always looking for opportunities to learn new things, recent knowledge quests have been spent learning more about: Interactive Music Systems, Wwise, FMOD, Javascript and C#, Unreal and Unity, Creating Sampler Instruments in Kontakt/KSP and perfecting my Thai cooking skills.

Outside of music and gaming, I love the outdoors and find renewed energy when hiking in the mountains.

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